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Welcome to the Best Horror DVD & Video Review Site on the Internet.
Within these pages, you will find films to suit any taste.
From the horrific to the plain pathetic, you'll find them listed here.
Each one has been given a down to earth review and, as a bonus:

Lots of Video covers, Screenshots, Music, Sounds and the odd Script !!

Nearly 600 DVDs & Videos are now included. Still hundreds more to come...
Check out the forum to find out what's new!

Some reviews to Come:
Constantine, Cursed, Hide And Seek,
House Of Wax
, Ring Two, Seed Of Chucky.

My definition of what are horror films may differ from your own. I include the
stronger thriller, action and sci-fi movies, if they have a horror theme to them. You may
disagree with my reviews. All opinions are welcome, just contact me.
All the films are rated from 1 to 5 with bloody hearts, where 1 is terrible and 5 is one of horror's greatest.

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