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HorrorDVD Reviews VII
The Final Chapter

Rabid (DVD)

Rage, The - Carrie 2 (DVD)

Rawhead Rex (DVD)

Re-Animator (DVD)

Re-Animator 2 (Video)

Red Dragon (DVD) +

Red Eye (DVD)

Relative Fear (Video)

Relic, The (Video)

Relic, The (DVD)

Resident Evil (DVD)

Resident Evil Director's Cut (PSX)

Resident Evil 2 (PSX)

Retro Puppet Master (DVD)

Return Of The Boogeyman (DVD)

Return Of The Evil Dead (DVD)

Return Of The Living Dead, The (Video)

Return Of The Living Dead Part 2 (DVD)

Return Of The Living Dead 3 (DVD)

Ring, The (DVD)

Ring Two, The (DVD)

Ripper (DVD)

Roadkill (DVD)

Romper Stomper (DVD)

Rosemary's Baby (DVD)

Salem's Lot (Video)

Santa Sangre (DVD) +

Saw (DVD) +

Scar (DVD) +

Scary Movie (DVD)

Scary Movie 2 (DVD)

Scary Movie 3 (DVD) +

Scream (Video) +

Scream 2 (Video)

Scream 3 (DVD)

Scream Trilogy Boxset (DVD) +

Scream Bloody Murder (DVD)

Screamers (Video)

Screamers (DVD)

Seven (DVD)

Seven (2 Disc) (DVD)

Shadowbuilder (Video)

Shadowbuilder (DVD) +

Shadow Of The Vampire (DVD)

Shadowzone (DVD) +

Shallow Grave (DVD)

Shallow Ground (DVD)

Shark Attack (DVD)

Shark Attack II (DVD)

Shark Attack 3 (DVD)

Shawshank Redemption (DVD) +

Shining, The (1980) (DVD) +

Shining, The (1997) (DVD) +

Shivers (DVD)

Shocker (Video)

Shocker (DVD)

Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th (DVD)

Silence of the Lambs, The (Video) +

Single White Female (DVD) +

Sixth Sense, The (DVD)

Skeletons (DVD)

Skeletons In The Closet (DVD)

Skinned Alive (DVD) +

Slashers (DVD) +

Sleep Stalker (DVD)

Sleepwalkers (Video)

Sleepwalkers (DVD) +

Sleepy Hollow (DVD)

Some Things Never Die (DVD)

Sometimes They Come Back (Video)

Sometimes They Come Back (DVD)

Sometimes They Come Back... Again (Video)

Sometimes They Come Back... For More (Video)

Sorority House Massacre (DVD) +

Sorority Row (Blu-Ray)

Soulkeeper (DVD)

Spawn - The Director's Cut (Video)

Spawn - The Director's Cut (DVD) +

Species (Video) +

Species II (Video)

Species II (DVD)

Specters (DVD)

Sphere (Video) +

Sphere (DVD) +

Spiders (DVD)

Spiders 2 (DVD)

Spontaneous Combustion (Video)

Spontaneous Combustion (DVD)

Stand, The (Video)

Stand, The (DVD) +

Stand By Me (DVD)

Stepfather 2 (Video) +

Stepfather 2 (DVD) +

Stepford Wives, The (DVD)

Stigmata (DVD)

Surgeon, The (DVD)

Suspiria (DVD) +

Swarm, The (Video)

Swarm, The (DVD) +

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