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From the acclaimed director of ‘London To Brighton’ comes this chilling edge-of-your-seat tale of urban horror. An ordinary British family face their worst fears when their normal, everyday lives are destroyed, piece by brutal piece, by a group of vicious youths who subject them to a vicious barrage of humiliation and violence. While the evening starts like any other, with the family settling down for a quiet evening in front of the telly, a simple knock at the front door will leave its bloody mark on them forever… Writer-director Paul Andrew Williams carves his signature vision on the urban horror genre with this relentless slice of violence and terror – your home will never feel safe again.

Running Time: 78 mins

Region: 2

Ratio: 2.35:1

Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0

Special Features: Commentary with Writer/Director Paul Andrew Williams, Behind Closed Doors featurette, Rehearsing the Horror featurette, Out-takes, trailers.

Certificate: 18

My Opinion:

Another great film from Paul Andrew Williams, but there's little comedy in this title (unlike his previous flick - The Cottage). Cherry Tree Lane is instead a brutal modern day horror aimed at scaring a middle class England audience... and it works! The situation horror will have you willing the victims to get their revenge on their captors though I felt there was some disappointment with the ending of the film not fulfilling the films promise. Made on a shoestring due to the limited shooting location, the movie certainly does not feel like it was on a small budget. The DVD extras were not provided as part of the review copy and therefore I have had to deduct another bloody heart from what could have been a four bloody heart rating.

REVIEW EXTRA: Screenshots - May contain spoilers

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