Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde (DVD)

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In a gruesome tale of good and evil Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde shows us something weíve never seen beforeÖ When Dr. Henry Jekyll attempts to find an elixir of life he accidentally stumbles upon a formula which transforms him into a gorgeous but evil woman who calls herself the widowed Mrs Hyde. Somewhat disdained by the female transformation but aroused by the power it brings, Jekyll canít but help to continue his experiments. As the evil Hyde starts brutally murdering women to get the female hormones she needs Jekyllís alter ego soon grows too powerful. As the fight is on to discover who is behind the Whitechapel murders which of Jekyllís alter-egos will end up on top?

Running Time: 94 mins

Region: 2

Ratio: 1.85:1

Sound: Mono

Special Features: Trailer.

Certificate: 15

My Opinion:

Take the classic tale of Dr Jekyll who transforms himself into the sinister Mr Hyde and add a twist. That's what Hammer did with this classic release from 1971 turning the gruesome Mr Hyde into Sister Hyde - a stunning figure compared to her Dr Jekyll alter ego! Sister Hyde though is just as evil and blood thirsty as her 'brother' and the killing continues throughout the film. Don't expect anything too gruesome (it's a Hammer film after all!), but do expect a good story, with great actors and the usual quality Hammer sets and costumes. The outstanding performance comes from the late Ralph Bates who would later go on to star in the comedy series Dear John before his untimely death. The transfer to DVD is a decent quality bearing in mind the age of the picture, but it's a shame about the lack of DVD extras.

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