The Boston Strangler (DVD)

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Itís Boston in the early 1960ís, and the police are baffled by a series of sickening murders. Detective John Marsden believes that there is more than one killer at large, but his superiors disagree and are keen to quickly have someone arrested and the case closed. Albert De Salvo is the sharp-witted, small-time criminal who finds himself a suspect in the strangler cases that are wreaking havoc in Boston. After an unrelated arrest, De Salvo becomes cellmates with the manipulative Frank Asarian, who knows a lot more about the murders than he reveals... Asarian concocts a plan that will see the duo gain notoriety from the killings and guide them to the reward money promised by the police to anyone who can lead them to the killer. DeSalvo has never killed anyone, but as he expects a lengthy jail sentence anyway, what difference does it make if people think he is the strangler? For years the police believed that they had convicted a guilty man in the infamous Boston Stranglings Ė but they were wrong...

Running Time: 93 mins

Region: 2

Ratio: 1.78:1

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Mike Feifer, David Faustino and Andres Boulton.

Certificate: 15

My Opinion:

From Michael Feifer, the Writer/Director of B.T.K. (Bind Torture Kill) comes this film roughly based on the true story of Albert DeSalvo, the man who admitted to being the Boston Strangler. Subtitled 'The Untold Story' it provides a view of what could possibly have happened based on some of the theories. If you're expecting a slasher flick then you've come to the wrong place. This film has enough stranglings to last you a lifetime though! Whilst it's a good story and I was generally happy with the most of the acting, I was a little disappointed with some of the actor's accents - they sounded very fake which I kept noticing throughout the picture. The transfer wasn't the greatest either, the picture had a poor NTS to PAL look in places that was again very distracting. There is a good commentary with plenty of interesting discussion, but it's the only extra on the DVD.

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